Birth Parent Scholarship Information

A Giving Tree Adoptions is committed to bettering the lives of the parents who place their child for adoption with us. The AGTA Birth Parent Scholarship is an effort to give back to the adoption community and to show our support to the birth parents who place with us and who are continuing their education. Whether you are attending or planning to attend a 2/4 year college, technical school, or trade school – this scholarship is available to you if you have placed with A Giving Tree Adoptions.

A Giving Tree Adoptions awards up to $3,000 for the recipient to apply to their schooling fund, paid directly to their educational providers. The total number of recipients and amounts awarded depend on available funding. Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

Please Note: Every birth mother or father should understand that choosing adoption for your child does not guarantee a scholarship will be available. The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship awarded each year, vary depending on the number of applicants and funds available.


⟿Applicant must be a Birth Parent that has placed with A Giving Tree Adoptions,

⟿Applicant must have been accepted to or must be currently enrolled in community college, university, technical, or trade school with appropriate documentation. This can include:

  • Notification from the registrar’s office
  • Class schedule that includes your name and ID number
  • A letter or acceptance from your school, or a letter of acceptance to an institution or trade school


Your scholarship award can help pay for

⟿Application Fees,

⟿Tuition and Books

⟿Background checks related to attending school

⟿Fees to obtain a General Education Development (GED)

⟿Certificate Certification Classes, such as: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Welding, Childcare, etc.

⟿Other courses to further skills or education


How to Apply

Complete Application

Attach verification

Write approx 300 word essay or submit video (two minute minimum) demonstrating or explaining the following topics:

        -How adoption has made an impact on your life

         -In what ways do you plan on being a role model for your community

         -How might the scholarship aid in you accomplishing your goals

Your video/essay can be funny, bold, simple, serious or anything in between- don’t be afraid to get creative!


Please send your complete packet to:

A Giving Tree Adoptions, Inc

1111 South Orchard Street, Suite 254

Boise Idaho 83706

Or email to


How Will I Know?

Recipients will be notified of their award by mail and email. Keep this award letter in a safe place in the event you need it for proof of funds for your educational institution.



How Will My School Know?

Funds will be sent directly to the educational institution or trade school noted on your application.


Things To Note

There are limited funds available for each calendar year.

Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Applications will be accepted until funds are dispersed for the year.

Materials submitted become the property of A Giving Tree Adoptions and cannot be returned

Questions? Please call/text Amelia Erickson at (208)789-7245