Adoption Process Checklist

Please take this as a rough guideline for the adoption process

Your first steps will begin here:

  • (Optional) Have consultation with an AGTA employee for introduction
  • Complete and submit application & application fee
  • Invitation to enter program upon completion of an approved application
  • Intake process with Adoption Information Specialist to prepare you for the Home Study


Next steps are to prepare for and complete Home Study:

  • Complete required training and background check
  • Complete Home Study documents then submit online via our Parent Portal 
  • Coordinate with your caseworker for the scheduling of your home visit
  • Complete Home Study
  • Home Study approval


Next steps are determined by program selection:

Infant Adoptions

  • Submit family pictures for AGTA website (optional)
  • Work with an Adoption Coordinator to complete your family profile book


Foster and Older Child Adoptions

  • Network to learn about available children
  • Work with an Adoption Coordinator on transitional needs


The final steps are determined after placement:

  • Complete Post Placement Reporting
  • Finalization!!