Our Response to the newest proposed law around discrimination in adoption

We wholeheartedly believe that adoption should be free from discrimination. The newest proposed law allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against LBGT+ families for the purpose of adoption is a step in the wrong direction. Any agency that can openly discriminate should not be rewarded with federal funding. Turning away prospective adoptive parents due to their sexual orientation or identity keeps children out of loving and permanent homes. 


“Agencies providing child welfare services on behalf of the government must put the needs of children first. Turning away prospective foster families because of their sexual orientation, faith or any other reason, unrelated to the ability to support a child, limits the families available for children,” said Leslie Cooper, the deputy director of the ACLU’s LGBT and HIV Project, in a statement about the executive order.


We stand with our LBGT+ community and will continue to accept and welcome everyone.