Acknowledgment of ICPC

It has been explained to me/us and I/we understand the following:

When a child is born or resides in one state and placed with adoptive parents who live in another state, the adoptive parents must complete a process called Interstate Compact of Children (ICPC). This is an agreement between states allowing a parent to cross state lines with a child who is not legally theirs. Since the placing agency has legal guardianship of the baby or child until the adoptive parents complete the finalization process, this compact must be completed before the adoptive family can take the baby across state lines. ICPC is a process that involves at least two agencies and two state ICPC offices. It generally takes two weeks to complete this process, but can take longer. There are many variables to consider such as the day of the week the process was initiated, whether there is a holiday during the time the compact is being completed, and both states’ calendars when the ICPC packet is received. Variables such as these can increase the wait time.


I/we agree to wait for this process to be completed before taking my/our baby or child across state lines and understand it is beyond anyone’s capabilities to decrease the time it takes to complete this process.