Adoption Contract

Please complete this form once you have decided to place your child for adoption

In selecting an adoptive family for your child,you may request that your child be placed with an adoptive family of your same religious and/or ethnic background, i.e. racial. A Giving Tree Adoptions will do everything in our power, within reasonable request, honor your wishes. All adoptive families must complete a special training program that develops their understanding of how to best meet children’s needs. This includes information about child development, explaining adoption to children, and baby care.
A Giving Tree Adoptions checks on the applicants and members of their household to determine if they have criminal records that would make them unsuitable to raise children.
A Giving Tree Adoptions receives references regarding all applicants to determine if their friends, employers and relatives consider them to be suitable to be adoptive parents. A social worker from A Giving Tree Adoptions meets with the applicants and goes to their home to determine if they can provide a safe, loving and good family life for a child. Applicants must obtain a statement from a physician confirming they have no physical and/or mental health problems that would interfere with raising a child. In the unlikely event that the family you select for your child is unable, for unforeseen reasons, to receive placement of the child, A Giving Tree Adoptions will use its sole discretion in selecting a family. If a specific family has been selected for your child, you may request that you be provided with certain information. This will be non-identifying and why it is believed this family will meet your child’s needs.
As a birth parent, we know you want the best for your child. To do this, you may wish to view profiles of potential adoptive families. If you desire you may interview potential adoptive families by phone, in person or via skype. You may choose to receive letters, visits or calls for the ongoing 18 years at your discretion. Letters can be placed in your file and retrieve when you please. This would be an open adoption. If you are not completely comfortable choosing a family, you may opt to have staff do that for you. You have the choice to keep your adoption file closed having no further contact with the child. This is a closed adoption.
We believe that each person involved in the adoption process is equally important and continually strives to ensure all parties needs are advocated for. In addition to the support from our birth parent advocate, we will provide counseling resources and financial aid for you as needed. Our birth parent advocate is available to you for support and friendship. They are able to drive you to appointments as needed, or to grocery or general shopping. We want to thank you for considering adoption. This is a deeply selfless loving act. Before we proceed, we ask you to fill out the following page and return it to us as soon as you feel ready.
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