Relationship Agreement

For Open and Semi-Open adoption, the following level of contact will be established. Semi-Open adoption relationship agreement will be more mediated by A Giving Tree Adoptions meaning all contact will go through the adoptive families Adoption Coordinator. Closed adoptions can skip the rest of this form and go right to signature and submission.

Please be aware this agreement is not legally binding but to be considered 'An Act of Good Faith' between biological and adoptive parents. Adoptive families have the final say on their preferred level of contact.

Examples: Once a year for 18 years, or once a month for the first year then yearly after, or request that A Giving Tree Adoptions holds all until you are ready
Examples: -Calls or video calls (Zoom, Skype, ect)
Example: emails or social media (facebook, instagram, ect)
Example: meet yearly, or meet when child is older, or on special occasions
You have our eternal thanks for completing this form and for working with us. If you have any questions, reach out to any AGTA staff