Pregnant & Looking to Place?

Adoption is a positive, selfless, and loving choice. Whether you are considering an open adoption, a closed adoption, want to meet with the family or wish to have every detail of your own personal life kept private; we will help you reach the best decision for you and your child.

We know and understand the reasons for wanting to place, and we want to help support and guide you- as well as helping you prepare for your future. To support birth parents, we provide options counselling, financial assistance, and support prior to, during and after delivery.

With AGTA, you will create your own adoption plan. You have the choice to choose your adoptive family, amount of contact, where and how you would like to deliver. We can also assist with informing the other biological parent and family.

What We Offer Birth Parents

We can assist you in finding resources to help with your living expenses. Including: rent, utilities, food and clothing.

We connect you with resources to help with medical expenses. Including: prenatal care, hospital, and delivery charges.

We provide you with resources to find transportation to and from doctors appointments.

We handle all legal and adoption procedures at no cost to you.

We always conduct a detailed screening process for prospective adoptive parents to ensure that you have the best families to choose from.

Our staff of professionals at A Giving Tree Adoptions are ready to be your contact for information, your coach through the adoption process, your confidant during this emotionally challenging time and a cheerleader throughout your pregnancy.