Why an agency?

There are many routes to pursuing adoption, but why choose an agency?

First and foremost- because we go the work for you! When a family decided to adopt an infant, the first question on people’s minds is ‘how can we find a birth mom?’. A lot of families will ask friends and family, church groups, or even local advertising. When an expectant mother finally reaches out, it becomes the families responsibility to evaluative on her willingness to complete the adoption. Without our agencies screening processes, supportive services or Birth Parent Scholarship opportunity, there is little for you to offer a birth mother. These hopeful adoptive parents are the most susceptible to an adoption disruption or adoption fraud. 

This is a route than can work, and has worked, but for the most part, it’s difficult at best to find a birth mom this way. That’s where an agency comes in. We already have pre-established connections and advertising. While searching for birth mothers, consider the services you’d be missing out on by going independent.

No matter what your needs are while you’re looking for a baby to adopt, we can help you find a birth mother to adopt from that’s just as excited to meet you as you are to meet her.