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Pregnant and unsure what to do?

Having an unplanned pregnancy is difficult and we are here to help in every way possible.

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Unexpected Pregnancy Happens

We have many adoptive families ready and eager to welcome a child regardless of your history or background

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Proud LGBT+ Ally

Whoever you love and however you identify, your family deserves respect and support.

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We would love to work with you

We are here for you with every step of your journey

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Hello Adoptive and Placing Parents!

We would like to introduce ourselves as a newly operating adoption agency, fully licensed by the State of Idaho Division of Licensing and Certification to provide domestic adoption services in Idaho.

When beginning this journey of opening an adoption agency, we set our hopes and intentions to serve the children, biological parents and the families who hope to adopt. We support placing parents who are making difficult decisions to better the lives of their children through offering educational scholarships to continue their educational goals.

We strive to do whatever is possible to bridge the gap between the available children and families who are prepared and hoping to adopt. If this is your first adoption, you may have several questions that we are here to answer and guide you along. Please be assured that we are here and happy to guide you along this adventure.

Please be assured that we are here and happy to guide you along this adventure. We are ready to meet with you and your family to communicate how our agency can serve you.

Please do not hesitate to call 208-322-0643 or email your questions.

Best wishes to you as you begin this exciting journey – hugs!!


Program Description

The mission of AGTA is to ensure every child is placed in a loving and supportive home and to prepare parents for the journey of parenting. To meet this mission, we provide adoptive services for parents placing their children in adoption, to families seeking to adopt a child/children, and to children who have been adopted. To prepare adoptive parents, we provide training and educational support. To support birth parents, we provide options counselling, financial assistance, and support prior to, during and after delivery. Our goal for each birth parent is to prepare them for a successful life after placement. Adoptable children are our first and main priority; we screen and prepare all individuals with our mission in mind. Everyone in the adoption journey has access to individual, couples, and family counseling through AGTA. We believe that income should not be the sole cause of disqualification for adoptive parents; therefore, as a means to provide services to lower income individuals, we operate on a sliding scale fee. Together, we place a great deal of value on advocating for the children placed in our care, especially children who are part of the United States Foster Care System.

Adoption is a positive, selfless, and loving choice. Whether you are considering an open adoption, a closed adoption, want to meet with the family or wish to have every detail of your own personal life kept private; we will help you reach the best decision for you and your child. After finalization, we offer a Birth Parent Scholarship for birth mothers and fathers.

Congratulations on the decision to expand your family! At AGTA we are thrilled to be a part of your journey. We are different from other agencies because we care deeply for our expectant parents and for you too. We know each family is unique just as each situation is unique. We work to honor your wishes, stay within your budget and help you understand the options available to you.