What We Offer Birth Parents

We know that making the brave decision to place your child is one of the hardest you will have to make. We want to take care of you as much as possible to make your journey go smoothly. To do this, we offer the following to all of our Birth Parents:


Financial aid for living expenses. We are here to help!

24/7 staff contact. If you have an emergency or just need someone to chat with, we have staff available for you always.

Assistance in choosing the perfect adoptive family. You get to pick the parents as well as how much contact you would like before and after placement.

Assistance with counseling. We know the mental and emotional work that will go through, so we have unlimited and free counselling available through us, or help with referrals for a provider of your choice.

Birth Parent Scholarship. Any time after placement, both adoptive parents are free to apply for our scholarship that will go directly to your educational needs and/or institutions.